We are Kim & Mark Baillie and together we breed under the affix Kimark Cavaliers. Both of us have had dogs for most of our lives, but it wasn't until a little Black & Tan Cavalier came into our live that we ever though about breeding or showing. Mark got Molly in 1988 and when Kim met Mark in 1994 she not only fell in love with Mark, but also with his Border Collie Named Frosty and his Cavalier named Molly.  Mark also thought that Kim's dog Bailey was pretty cute too, but it was the Cavalier that really stole our hearts.

Sadly we lost Molly in 1996, so we began the journey of finding a new Cavalier.  Because we lost Molly at a relatively young age we wanted a breeder who was concerned about health. We purchased our first show dog from Hilarie Gibbs in Tennessee.  He name was Hob Nob Sweet Maggie at Kimark and she became our first Champion.

In 2001, Kim made her first of many trips to Sweden.  There she met what she still thinks is the most beautiful Cavalier that she has ever seen. Her name was Nordic Champion Campanards Purple Rose and she is the mother to our Pippi and Emil. We waited two long years for our puppy, but it was definitely worth the wait.

In 2003 Kim made my first trip to England.  We decided that we would each contact one English breeder that we would like to meet.  I chose Joan Pagan of Sorata Kennels and we became fast friend and have traded dogs back and forth.

These three people have given us the gift of their dogs and more importantly their knowledge.  We wouldn't enjoyed our successes without their mentoring and would like to thank them for sharing with us.

We also feel it is important to give back, so we are involved in many dog related activities.  Kim is a past President of the St. Croix Valley Kennel Club and serves on the Board of Directors of the National AKC Parent Club the ACKCSC. We are members of the UK Cavalier Club and the local Twin Cities Cavalier Club. Mark is the President of  the TCCKCSC. Kim is also the the webmaster for the ACKCSC  and serves on the Judges & Breeders education committee and helps with the Cavalier Rescue Trust website

Finally, we feel that health and socialization are extremely important in raising puppies. Our dogs are all checked annually with Board Certified Specialists and Kim is a stay-at-home dog mom, so the dogs get all of the love and attention they need.